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Ken Graves, John Hundt, Catie O'Leary and Vanessa Woods

January 12, 2014 through March 8, 2015

Reception for the artists: January 17, 2015, 7:00-9:30 PM

Hybrid, highlights the work of four celebrated Bay Area collage artists combining disparate elements to create new visual systems. Using original paper ephemera and found material, each artist in the show reconfigures the human body in some way to generate new narratives that explore identity, surrealism, and the subconscious. The title, Hybrid refers to the ways that heterogeneous images can be combined into fluid entities. The title also refers to the medium of collage, which in of itself is a hybrid–made by layering found images and their fragments to form a seamless whole.

In the show, each artist's work is distinctive but shares a common theme. All exploit and distort the use of symbols and the human body to appropriate and reassign meaning. In John Hundt's work for example, the formal strategy of totems is employed to create figures that are built up with a combination of human, machine, animal and object parts. In Woods' work, new iconography is generated through bundles of fabric and body parts that become historical allegories reimagined. In Graves's work, the male figure is re-contextualized in surreal landscapes that emphasize the body's ability to fascinate and threaten. In O'Leary's work, towers of fragmented objects, scientific tools and body parts become reinvented human still lifes.

Thirty-six collages made from 1988-2014 will be included in the exhibit. All artists courtesy of Jack Fischer Gallery.



The Fabric of Space