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Artists: Julie Blankenship, Rachel Philips*, Inez Storer**, David King, Hilary Williams, Silvi Alcivar, Alex Garcia, and Michele Indiana Anderson

*Courtesy Jack Fischer Gallery
**Courtesy Seager/Gray Gallery

Opening reception: Thursday, November 19th, 5:30-9pm
Exhibit runs November 14th through January 6th

Art Makes Great Gifts! Give Art!

Out of the Box brings together eight Bay Area artists with unique, playful, and/or meditative approaches to art-making. All of the work in this show is available as gifts, and patrons may pick up the work before the end of the show. a.Muse encourages gift-givers to buy local, artisan, one of a kind gifts as a statement of support for the San Francisco legacy of supporting non-corporate, “out of the box” artists who for decades have made this city unique and unforgettable.

The gallery proudly presents the work of nationally acclaimed mixed-media artist Inez Storer. "The paintings of Inez Storer take the viewer on a magical journey through history, sensation, and internal experience,” says Seager Gray Gallery, who represents her work. “They have elements of both dark and light, depicting colorful, expansive lives and things that go bump in the night.” A self-described “hunter-gather,” Pacifica photographer Rachel Phillips finds her source material by spending countless hours sifting through “our dusty piles of ephemera.” Using unusual techniques, Phillips combines “century-old artifacts and digital technology" to create new art that is both familiar and unsettling. Represented by Jack Fischer Gallery, Phillips’ work is shown nationally.

Julie Blankenship creates photo-based, mixed media works, playfully exploring historical intersections between advertising, fashion and photography as they contribute to construction of class, gender and cultural identity in the context of an increasingly industrialized environment. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

Hilary Williams’ lively and popular screen prints on paper focus on urban landscapes, but with a twist. The works bring forth “the playful and imaginative aspects of our every day world.” Hilary received her BA in Printmaking from California College of the Arts in 2002 where she was presented awards including the Trillium Prize. Her work has been collected across the US, around the world and is currently displayed throughout the greater Bay Area and around the country. She also teaches workshops in screen printing online workshops at Creativebug.com.

Alex Garcia is known for his organic yet sophisticated geometrical abstractions. According to the artist, his well-crafted wooden assemblages are “spiced with references (or memories?) from suprematism and neoplastic order.” This show will feature his smaller pieces, which can be shown individually or grouped into a loose matrix of pleasantly related colors and constructions.

Michele Indiana Anderson (Ven. Jampa Sangmo) is an ordained Buddhist nun whose paintings are a “dialog about the shattering of illusion and the nature of impermanence.” They are a reflection of a life long interest in the “human subjectivity of perception and a pursuit of the true nature of reality.” She and her work have been influenced by her studies in Buddhism. Bold and colorful yet restful and contemplative, they reflect a deep, philosophical perspective.

David King’s work explores his profound interest in “the metaphysical – the underlying or fundamental interconnectedness of things.” In his abstract work, it is difficult to determine if the forms are to be read a microcosmic or macrocosmic; are we looking at a cell cluster or a planetary body? All of his collages are constructed in the traditional, cut-and-paste method and have an obsessive attention to detail.

Silvi Alcivar creates small, nature-inspired, poetry-infused art. She is a local poet-for-hire whose personalized poems also make great gifts. As her invocation for the holiday season she prepared this statement: "o begin the year: take inspiration from spirit guides and the circles of gold in which they reside, circles of gold offering something infinite, brilliant, sort-of broken and never perfect, and what it means for all of us to know shadows and darkness, by which i mean, how they exist in contrast to the light.

a.Muse hopes to offer this type of inspiration now, and throughout the new year.



The Fabric of Space