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The art of Victoria Wagner and Alex Garcia

November 4th, 2014 through January 4th, 2015

Reception for the artists: Saturday, November 15, 7-9:30 pm

Form and Content explores the relationship of concrete visual art to the ideas and narratives which inspire the artists to create. Both artists, Victoria Wagner, adjunct professor at the California College of Arts, and Alex Garcia, originally from Buenos Aires, use color, texture, and shapes, often constructed from wood, as a means of transmitting stories, emotions and other intangible concepts.

Victoria Wagner's compilation of paintings and sculpture refer to unique complications and subjective perceptions of the self and other: "The possibility that there is no concrete truth, either visually, physically or mentally....only that which can be marginally understood through one's perceptual context." For this exhibition, Wagner groups the work such that one might remember the sculpture as they see themselves within the reflective surfaces simultaneous to losing themselves in shifting optical illusion of pattern. In the artist's own words, "The organization of these groupings points to shifting platforms of disillusion and reality, the impossibility of fact and fragile, unique mental states and flattened space."

To Wagner, "With the recounting of every individual story there is structural damage to the narrative, a semi-flattening of what once was."

Garcia's narrative orbits a contemplative emotional state of serenity within compositional structure pervaded by rhythm and balance of color and texture. A thriving working artist who gave up a lucrative career in architecture to find his expression with a variety of reclaimed materials, Garcia's work is found in bustling restaurants and trendy hotels throughout San Francisco and Buenos Aires.



The Fabric of Space