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Opening Reception: Saturday, September 20, 7pm-11pm.

Art available for viewing through September 21.


City of Champions is an art exhibition that celebrates the city of San Francisco, honoring its iconic landmarks and winning sports franchises. The artist, Jordan Herren, meshes these aspects together, creating a unique interpretation of the city. As one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world, San Francisco is a place that draws much inspiration.

The works are characterized by bold aesthetics and vibrant hues. Highlighting the diverse architecture of the city, the paintings depict the skyline, re-imagined in playful ways. The overwhelming skyscrapers represent the never-ending pursuit of prosperity. In this theme of triumph and success, City of Champions also pays tribute to the local teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, Giants, and Golden State Warriors.

Jordan Herren was born and raised in San Francisco. Growing up in such a striking, prosperous city inspired him to paint it in a vivid, abstract way. In this colorful homage to his hometown, he portrays San Francisco as an eye-catching, victorious metropolis, maintaining its identity as a well-renowned, well-loved city.